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Everyday life at Rega: partner training

"Everyday life at Rega" takes you into the fascinating world of our crews and employees. The short videos provide a glimpse behind the scenes and offer authentic insights into a wide range of topics. Patrick Sieber and his "partner training" team promote collaboration between Rega crews and operational partners with practice-oriented training and further education for emergency organisations and partner organisations. We accompanied Patrick Sieber on a training day he organised for ground-based emergency paramedics in training (video is in German).

Whether police officers, firefighters, ambulance service staff, rescuers or piste patrollers: they all regularly come in contact with Rega. In an emergency, they support the helicopter crew – for instance, by looking for a suitable landing site close to the patient and directing the helicopter to land. Rega organises training courses to ensure that its partners know what is important in this regard and to further improve the cooperation between the various emergency organisations. Patrick Sieber, who hails from Mels (Canton St. Gallen), is responsible for partner training at Rega. He and his team train paramedics, piste rescue services, police officers, firefighters and foresters in how to interact with a helicopter safely and how to communicate over the radio.

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