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Eliminating air aviation obstacles together

Cables and wires less than 25 metres above ground level are a great danger to helicopter crews. They can lead to serious damage and, in the worst case, to an aircraft crashing. There is no obligation to obtain authorisation for or even to report these cables, with the result that they do not figure in any database. Rega therefore records all low-lying air navigation obstacles and, in collaboration with the Swiss Armed Forces, removes cables, wires and ropes that are no longer needed.


Reporting low-lying air aviation obstacles

Registering low-lying cables, power lines and wire ropes

  • Do you use – even temporarily – hay cables or a transportation cableway on your farm/alpine pasture, which have not been reported to FOCA?
  • Is there a water pipeline stretched over a ditch on your alpine pasture?
  • Have you installed an electric fence as a transmission line at a high altitude?

Checking obstacles that have already been reported

Your cables and transport wires that are over 25 metres above the ground have already been registered with the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).
Is their current position still correct? You can check the coordinates of the reported cables here:

FOCA map of reported aviation obstacles

Please inform us of other low-lying air navigation obstacles or any discrepancies by e-mail to mail@­ (position of the cable, contact address, telephone number).

Reporting cables and wire ropes that are no longer needed

Cableways and wire ropes pose a great risk, especially for helicopters, but also for gliders and paragliders. Damage caused by cables and wires can even lead to a helicopter crashing. As a result, Rega and the Swiss Armed Forces are calling on all owners of cables and/or wire ropes that are no longer needed to contact the nearest Rega base or to telephone 1414.

The air navigation obstacles will then be dismantled and disposed of by army specialists and civilian partners at no cost to their owners.

Overview of the Rega bases

Many thanks for your invaluable help!

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