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Heinz Leibundgut is responsible for the Helicopter Procedures and Training division. This division ensures that all aeronautical and operational training courses and checks relating to the helicopter crews (pilots, HCM, physicians and rescue specialists) are properly organised, performed and monitored. It also includes the departments, Flight OPS Helicopters, Crew Training Helicopters, HCM Standards and Medical Service Helicopters.


Curriculum vitae, Heinz Leibundgut

Heinz Leibundgut was born on 3 September 1958. Aviation has enthralled him ever since he was a child. The helicopter firm, BOHAG, based at the military airfield in Interlaken, provided him with a comprehensive insight into the fascination of helicopter flying. After completing his apprenticeship as a polymechanic, Heinz Leibundgut trained as a professional helicopter pilot in the USA.

On his return from America, he trained to become a licenced helicopter mechanic and helicopter instructor at Heliswiss AG in Belp and at Swissair. Subsequently, he performed operations for Heliswiss in Switzerland, as well as in Mauritania, Peru and Greenland.

Between 1984 and 1986, Heinz Leibundgut was employed by Eliticino SA as a transport pilot and flight instructor for the helicopter types, AS350, SA315 and Bell 47. In 1986, he became a pilot at Helog AG, flying the AS332 Super Puma.

In the winters of 1989 and 1990, he consolidated his successfully completed instrument flight training by performing flights to oil and gas rigs off the coast of Scotland. At this time, Heinz Leibundgut was already working part-time at the Rega helicopter base in St. Gallen, flying rescue missions with the Alouette 3.

Heinz Leibundgut was appointed Chief Pilot/Head of Flight Operations at Helog in 1992. In 1997, together with partners, he founded Rotex Helicopter AG in Balzers, which carried out installation tasks and flights for the forestry sector.

He joined Rega as a Nominated Person Flight Operation (NPFO) and Head Flight Instructor in 1999. Since 2011, Heinz Leibundgut has headed the Helicopter Procedures and Training division and is a member of the Management Board.

Heinz Leibundgut is married and has four grown-up children.