Rega – Swiss Air-Rescue

Rega for kids

Would you like to solve puzzles, colour in pictures or do some art & craft activities? Then you’re in the right place here! We wish you much fun when passing the time in the world of Rega’s rescue helicopters and ambulance jets.

Rega puzzles

Solve puzzles and work out problems: we have compiled for you the best brain-teasers from past Rega magazines.

PDF: Rega puzzle

Colouring pictures

Coloured pencils at the ready: download our colouring pictures now and give some colour to the rescue scenes featuring our rescue helicopters and the ambulance jet.

PDF: Colouring pictures

Craft and game ideas

You may need the help of your parents for these craft and game ideas. Have fun!

PDF: Craft and game ideas

Rega as a topic for your schoolwork

Would you like to do a school project on Rega? Or give a presentation about our organisation? In the "Rega at school" section, you can find useful information, tips and theme suggestions.

Rega at school

Images, videos and feature articles

Click your way through impressive pictures and immerse yourself in fascinating videos and articles about Rega.

Rega in words and pictures