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3.5 million people place their trust in Rega

Rega is more broadly anchored in the Swiss population than ever before: in the current year, more than 3.5 million people have taken out Rega patronage. This sign of solidarity enables Rega to provide the Swiss people with basic medical care by air around the clock. Rega expressed its grateful thanks for this support by inviting its 3.5 millionth patron – representing all Rega patrons – to take a look behind the scenes at Swiss Air-Rescue.

Her name is Elida Selerger, she lives in Winterthur and she is Rega’s 3,500,000th patron. Yesterday, she was received by Rega CEO Ernst Kohler at the Rega Centre at Zurich Airport and invited to take a look behind the scenes. During a tour of the Operations Centre, rescue helicopters and ambulance jets, a flight coordinator and various crew members showed her how they work and what cutting-edge technological aids and rescue equipment they have at their disposal.

Confidence of the population as an incentive

“We are absolutely delighted at the enormous support of the Swiss people,” says Ernst Kohler. It shows that Rega is on the right track and that the commitment and dedication of its employees are both perceived and valued. In addition, this expression of confidence motivates the entire workforce: “It gives us an additional incentive to continue to provide the best possible professional medical care by air in future – for the benefit of our patients and Switzerland,” Kohler explains. “Our heartfelt thanks go to all our patrons, who keep us airborne with their annual contributions.”

No patrons, no Rega

Professional rescue by air around the clock, 365 days a year, with highly qualified staff, state-of-the-art rescue equipment and a dense network of 12 helicopter bases throughout the country – it is simply not feasible to provide all this in a cost-effective manner. This is only possible thanks to the solidarity contributions of Rega patrons. For as an autonomous, privately run, non-profit foundation, Rega provides its services without any state subsidies. Since the mid-1960s, its patronage system has more than proved itself: it gives Rega the freedom and independence to perform its duties as it sees fit and allows it to fully focus on the welfare of its patients.


Video: Small contribution with a big impact


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