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Rega is awarded reaccreditation by CAMTS

Rega brings swift and professional emergency medical assistance by air. In May 2019, Swiss Air-Rescue’s accredited status was renewed by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS). Rega remains the only European organisation to be certified both for aeromedical helicopter and ambulance jet operations and for medically escorted repatriations

CAMTS is an independent and international non-profit organisation that audits and accredits medical transport services according to a set of regularly updated, scientifically-based criteria. Rega’s successful application for reaccreditation was preceded by a rigorous review procedure lasting several weeks. Rega’s CAMTS accreditation, which it was first awarded in May 2016, has now been extended for a further three years.

Only organisation in Europe

“The successful reaccreditation by CAMTS underscores our endeavours to provide professional assistance and to continually improve air-rescue services,” explains Rega CEO, Ernst Kohler. Currently just nine international companies worldwide fulfil the specifications laid down by CAMTS. Rega remains the only European organisation to receive accreditation for both its air rescue services by rescue helicopter and ambulance jet and its medically escorted repatriations. The assessment process examines not only medical aspects, but also all areas of operations, including aeronautical and organisational factors. In the reaccreditation review, the auditors particularly highlighted Rega’s first-rate safety management reporting system, as well as its innovativeness in terms of patient welfare.


CAMTS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality and safety of medical transport services. It comprises 21 member organisations, each of which delegates one representative to serve on the CAMTS Board of Directors. The organisation was founded in 1991 and periodically revises its standards in order to reflect the dynamic, constantly changing field of medical patient transport. 

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