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Michael Hobmeier is the new Chairman of Rega’s Foundation Board

Today, at the general re-election of Rega’s Foundation Board, the current Chairman, Ulrich Graf, and Member of the Foundation Board, Dr. med. Adrian Frutiger, retired for reasons of age. Replacing the outgoing Chairman is the long-standing Rega Board member, Michael Hobmeier. In addition, Dr. med. Markus Furrer and Dr. Paul Hälg were newly appointed to the Foundation Board.

Michael Hobmeier has been a member of the Foundation Board of Swiss Air-Rescue Rega since 2007. He currently chairs the Finance Commission and also serves on the Executive Committee, which prepares and coordinates the business activities of the Foundation Board. As the new Chairman, the 53-year-old, who studied engineering at the ETH and Economics at the University of St. Gallen, intends to implement a healthy combination of continuity and innovation: "Rega is firmly anchored in the Swiss population and an integral part of our healthcare system. Nevertheless - or perhaps for that very reason - we must never stand still: in future, too, we will use cutting-edge technologies consistently and in a targeted manner to continually improve the medical care provided to our patients."

Taking the place of the retiring Chairman, Ulrich Graf, and Member of the Foundation Board, Dr. med. Adrian Frutiger, on the Board are Dr. med. Markus Furrer, born in 1958, medical director, chief physician and member of the Executive of the Kantonsspital Graubünden in Chur, and Dr. Paul Hälg, born in 1954, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dätwyler Holding AG and Sika Holding AG.

Ulrich Graf put the election of the two candidates down to their competence: "The Foundation Board is Rega's supreme strategic body and supervises the operative management of the Management Board. It is important that as many competencies and as many varied and different professional and personal experiences as possible are represented. Moreover, we also want to ensure that, wherever possible, all the regions of Switzerland have a voice. Dr. med. Markus Furrer brings with him, among other things, extensive medical competence, while Dr. Paul Hälg is a highly experienced economist."

The Rega Foundation Board also took note of the fact that at its Annual General Meeting held in Klosters on 20 October, the Swiss Air-Rescue Association (SRFW) appointed a new member as delegate to the Rega Foundation Board: Dr. med. Anna Brunello was elected for a period of four years and replaces Dr. med. Andreas Berger, who is relinquishing his office at the end of 2018 due to term limits.

Rega's Foundation Board, Management Board and staff would like to thank Ulrich Graf, Dr. med. Adrian Frutiger and Dr. med. Andreas Berger for their long-standing commitment and wish Dr. med. Markus Furrer, Dr. Paul Hälg and Dr. med. Anna Brunello a successful start in their new roles.


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