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As Chief Executive Officer, Ernst Kohler is in charge of Rega’s operational activities and bears the overall responsibility for Rega vis-à-vis the Foundation Board. He is also responsible for ensuring that the legal provisions relating to flight operations are fully complied with.


Curriculum vitae, Ernst Kohler

Ernst Kohler was born on 3 February 1963. After qualifying as an electrician, he studied at the Technical College in Winterthur. At the same time, he trained to become a mountain guide, acquiring his licence in 1985. Subsequently, he gained extensive experience as a mountain rescuer, among other things as deputy rescue chief at Swiss Alpine Rescue in Meiringen.

In 1987, Ernst Kohler started work at what was then the Federal Office for Military Airbases, where he was in charge of various air force projects. In 1996, he was appointed head of the Electronic Operations department of the Swiss Air Force in Meiringen. He took a degree in management at the Management Institute St. Gallen in 2001-2002. From 2004, he was a member of Management for air force operations and head of operations at the Bernese Oberland base. Ernst Kohler holds the rank of colonel in the Swiss Air Force.

Ernst Kohler joined the Rega Foundation Board in 1999, where he served as a member of the Finance Commission until 2005. On 1 January 2006, he was appointed CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Rega.

He is also a member of the Foundation Board of Swiss Alpine Rescue.

Ernst Kohler is married and has four children.