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Flight physician, helicopter – Job description

The helicopter flight physician is responsible for providing casualties with emergency medical assistance at the accident site, as well as attending to patients during primary and secondary missions. Their scope of activities also involves recovering patients from topographically difficult terrain by means of a rescue hoist. 

Professional requirements

  • Swiss state examination or equivalent state-recognised diploma
  • FMH specialist in Anaesthesiology and/or Intensive Care Medicine (or equivalent)
  • Emergency physician SSERM
  • Completed course in preclinical emergency sonography (SSERM) or comparable recognised course
  • Completed course as a mountain physician SGGM (summer and winter) or International Diploma for Mountain Medicine 
  • Completed ACLS, PHTLS and PALS courses

Personal requirements

  • Ability to work under pressure, both physically and mentally
  • Ability to work in a team, flexibility, reliability
  • Accustomed to working independently
  • Interest in emergency medicine and training activities

Language requirements

  • Very good language skills in German
  • Depending on the workplace, very good language skills in French or Italian
  • English is advantageous