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Rega celebrates its 70th anniversary

Yesterday evening, Swiss Air-Rescue Rega celebrated its 70th anniversary in the presence of the President of the Swiss Confederation, Ignazio Cassis. The event was attended by representatives from the fields of politics, business and health, as well as intervention partners. In his address, the Federal President spoke about the significance of Rega for the Swiss healthcare system. Rega's over 3.6 million patrons keep it in the air with their annual contributions. Rega wants to say thank you for this support and in this anniversary year is inviting the general public to take a look behind the scenes at the air rescue organisation in the course of various events.

Around 350 invited guests from the worlds of politics and business attended the anniversary reception yesterday evening at the Rega Centre at Zurich Airport. In his address, Federal President Ignazio Cassis spoke about Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition. As a former physician, he had already previously had dealings with Rega in a professional capacity. “As a young doctor, I was full of admiration for my colleagues at Rega. Even under time pressure, they were extremely professional. Thanks to its swift assistance and competent specialists, Rega saves lives every day,” said Federal President Ignazio Cassis. In his speech, the Chairman of Rega’s Foundation Board, Michael Hobmeier, pointed out that Rega’s pioneering spirit still remains undiminished 70 years after it was founded. Rega's staff are motivated anew every day to continue setting new standards in air rescue in the future. “Rega is committed to serving the whole of Switzerland, and so we are particularly pleased that also in the pandemic years, we were able to provide competent support to the Confederation and the cantons,” Michael Hobmeier said.

Activities for the Swiss population

During its anniversary year, Rega is planning various activities to give the Swiss population the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at Rega. “In this way, we want to give something back to the Swiss people to say thank you for their incredible support,” explained Rega CEO Ernst Kohler. This strong link with the Swiss population motivates every Rega employee day after day to constantly strive to improve air rescue in Switzerland, he said. At the Open Days in Berne, Locarno and Sion, visitors will have the chance to find out more about Rega’s work and employees. In addition, further events with Rega helicopters are planned in various regions of Switzerland. Details of the anniversary activities can be found at

70 Jahre of total commitment

Swiss Air-Rescue Rega was founded on 27 April 1952. Nowadays, it is an autonomous, privately run, non-profit foundation and employs more than 400 members of staff. With its 19 rescue helicopters and three ambulance jets, Rega is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the service of the Swiss population. Rega’s nationwide Operations Centre organises more than 18,000 missions every year and the Rega crews transport around 34 patients per day. Thirteen helicopter bases distributed throughout the country ensure that the Rega helicopters can reach any location in Switzerland within 15 minutes’ flying time. Rega is funded by its over 3.6 million patrons. This unique patronage system allows Rega to fulfil its core tasks and to fully focus on the welfare of its patients.

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