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Kind mit Schlitten im Schnee

Enjoy tobogganing safely

Tobogganing is a winter sport that can be enjoyed by all the family. If you observe a few basic rules, you can spend many fun and carefree hours in the snow.

To ensure that tobogganists do not end up in a doctor’s surgery or even in a Rega helicopter, a number of basic rules should be observed. Safe and foresighted behaviour and the correct equipment can greatly reduce the risk of injury. This already begins with the choice of toboggan run: particular caution should be exercised if there are obstacles such as walls, fences, people or vehicles nearby. Ideally, tobogganists should stay on the specially marked runs; according to bfu, two-thirds of the most serious tobogganing accidents happen on unofficial or even closed-off toboggan slopes. Ski pistes are usually off-limits for tobogganists.

Tobogganing with a ski helmet

It also pays off to wear the correct clothing: besides gloves and warm clothes, sturdy boots – possibly even with an additional breaking aid on the heel – belong to a tobogganist’s basic equipment. It is also advisable to wear a snow sports helmet to avoid head and brain injuries.

React correctly in an emergency

If, despite all these safety precautions, you do witness an accident, try to stay calm. First of all, secure the accident site so that the tobogganists behind do not collide with the injured person. Administer first aid and call out the rescue services.

Piste rescue service or Rega?

If you are in a ski area, it is best to alert the local piste rescue service. The piste patrollers are trained to deal with medical emergencies and know the area inside out. If necessary, they will call out Rega. If you are in rough terrain outside a ski area and far away from a road, you should contact Rega directly via emergency number 1414.


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