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Rega Center – Rega's headquarters

Rega's headquarters is situated to the north-east of Zurich-Kloten Airport and has direct access to the runways. From here, Rega organises assistance from the air around the clock and closely monitors all the missions being carried out within Switzerland and worldwide.

Heli im Hangar
Jet vor Hangar
Jets im Hangar
Arbeiten am Heli
Jet vor Hangar

The building houses a hangar for the three ambulance jets, a maintenance works for the helicopters and ambulance jets, the Operations Center, recreation rooms for the flight crew on stand-by duty, administrative offices, training and lecture rooms, a cafeteria for the approximately 150 employees working here and a large materials store.

While the ambulance jets take off directly from the Rega Center every day to destinations all over the globe, the rescue helicopters only come to the Rega Center for major maintenance work and servicing. Rescue missions in the Zurich region are performed from Rega's Zurich base in the nearby suburb of Dübendorf.