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Emergency radio

The emergency radio channel (161.300 MHz) can be used by anyone throughout Switzerland to call out the rescue services in the event of an emergency if this is not possible by telephone. Emergency assistance can be directly requested on this frequency. The emergency radio channel is monitored by Rega’s Operations Center.

The emergency radio network accesses Rega’s radio network infrastructure. While coverage is considerable, there are some areas where radio contact cannot be established. Consequently, Rega’s emergency channel cannot be used to raise the alarm from every single location in Switzerland.

Rega accepts no responsibility nor can it be held liable in the event of a radio link via this channel being very poor or non-existent. Equally Rega accepts no responsibility nor can it be held liable in the event of the E-channel failing to function for any reason.

Alarm calls to the Rega Operations Center use the selective call number and are possible with or without tone squelch 123.0 Hz. When purchasing a new emergency radio set, please check that it emits a 123.0 Hz tone squelch.

Regions just across the Swiss border

If you wish to use your emergency radio in the Haute-Savoie region or in the Aostatal valley, it must emit a 123.0 Hz tone squelch. Without a tone squelch, you will not be able to contact the local rescue services in these areas, but will only be able to transmit a global call which may be heard by other radio users.

Canton of Valais

In Canton Valais, the cantonal rescue organisation, KWRO/OCVS, is responsible for rescue missions (phone number 144).


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*This information does not claim to be fully accurate or exhaustive.