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Die Basis Zweisimmen

Zweisimmen base – in the west of the Bernese Oberland

Rega’s Zweisimmen base nestles in the mountains of the Obersimmental valley, at just under 1,000 metres above sea level. Its location in the heart of a world-famous holiday region means that the crew from the Zweisimmen base are frequently called out to assist injured tourists.

The history of the base Zweisimmen

The partnership between Rega and Berner Oberländer Helikopter AG (Bohag) began 26 years ago. At that time, Bohag leased an Alouette III from Rega to perform rescue flights. Almost 20 years later, Bohag started flying missions on behalf of Rega using its own Ecureuil B3. In December 2009, took over this service, operating an Agusta A 109 K2. With Rega renting its premises at Bohag, the partnership and close collaboration between the two enterprises continues. For Rega still relies on the help of the Bohag transport helicopter – for example, in the event of avalanche accidents or to transport SAC rescuers and rescue material.

Rega 14, the radio code for the Zweisimmen base

“Rega 14” takes to the skies in the summer and autumn months mainly in response to emergency calls received from injured hikers, bikers and mountain climbers. The mountain base feels the seasonal fluctuations and is at its busiest during the winter sports season. Consequently, especially on fine summer weekends and between December and Easter, it is standing by every day, ready to deal with emergencies. The Zweisimmer crew flies around 600 missions a year.

Since December 2010, the Zweisimmen base has also been home to the new AgustaWestland Da Vinci mountain helicopter. While this is above all deployed in the western part of the Bernese Oberland, the crew also come to the aid of their colleagues from the Lausanne base in nearby French-speaking Switzerland. The opening of the new helicopter base in Zweisimmen in November 2013 marked a new chapter for the crew of Rega 14. For the first time in its history, the Rega crew now had a base of its own.


AddressRega Zweisimmen
Lischerengasse 5
3770 Zweisimmen
Radio code"Rega 14"
No. of missions in 2023549
Range of missions

Injured winter sports enthusiasts, hikers and mountain climbers.

Operating times

Daytime base from December to April and from June to October. During these periods, the crew is on standby at the base during the day.


The original base building was constructed in 1984, the new building in 2013.

Special features

The majority of the flight physicians at the Zweisimmen base work as freelancers – unlike at the other Rega bases, which rely on doctors on rotation from the surrounding hospitals.

The crew's favourite foodPasta of all kinds.

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